Apple Week Adventures in a Play based Hybrid classroom

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We had an “apple” solutely great week in kindergarten!

This week was so much fun but so busy. We struggled to fit everything in. What’s inside of an apple? We took a guess of what shape we would see and how many seeds were in our apple! Students at home participated in the fun!

Lots of crafts this week! Painting apple trees, making cute little apples, and messy but fun painting with apple cores.

Fun is always had when you get to use markers. Making our coffee filter apple core was a true lesson in following directions. we folded it together first like a taco, then cut a semi circle. Then we unfolded it and picked what color we wanted the skin. So apple cores turned out better than others but even the ones who couldn't wait for directions had fun😃

Ten minutes before it was time to leave on Friday, I thought why not paint with the apple cores🤣. Good idea? Probably not but we had fun! Not so much fun was cleaning up after the kids left. But they lived it and one little girl was so excited that she could mix the paint to make orange stars!

Do apples sink or float? We made our hypothesis and then tried it out. Many thought it would sink but to their amazement it floated! Why? Air pockets where the star we saw was! This was the topic of many discussions throughout the week. “Mrs. Howard look at the stars I made with the air pockets!”

Apples turn brown after you cut them, let’s see which substance makes apples not turn brown. Most students guessed that it would be the milk. Dancing apple seeds was one of our favorite experiment. Amazing the great fun that you can have with baking soda and vinegar. It was exciting to see the pictures from our at home learners!

Did I mention we made Apple pie play dough!!! Our friend Jase made it at home and shared his pictures with us!

Apple tasting!

Apple suckers were a hit!

The week wasn't all about apples. In math we worked on making numbers. How many way's can you make the numbers 6, 7, and 8? We worked with unifix cubes, post it notes, but the best was mini M&M's! This activity I had to differentiate for some of our learners but they did a great job with the activity. The best part of course was eating them! Our at home learners were creative in ways to make numbers!

When you are engaging in play, whole parts of your brain are engaged. This leads to developing crucial connections that need to be made to growth of a child. Play-Based learning is REAL learning. Retelling our favorite story book is a great way to stay engaged. We have been learning about the Three Billy goats gruff and I decided to take it a step farther and reenact the story

Making our names with letters from magazines was a difficult task but we worked on cutting skills and patience

This week went really well except for one of my many virtual fails. A parent told me that during my math video they could only see the back of a student!

To end the post I would like to share with you one of the cutest versions of our weekly poem by Alannah!

Next week we will be "Buggin out!" We will be entomologist and learning about different types of bugs. We will also skype with a scientist and visit a virtual bug zoo!

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