Caterpillars and Chrysalis and Butterflies, Oh My!

My adventures continue in a Hybrid play-based classroom.

In the light of the moon a very crafty teacher came up with a plan

One Monday morning the students came to class and -pop!- out of the room came a tiny and very hungry Caterpillar

The tiniest caterpillars made a caterpillar on a leaf

On Tuesday they ate through fruit by hole punching and pretend munching.

On Wednesday they grew bigger inside of their chrysalis by building their names with plates. Some caterpillars were bigger than others.

On Thursday they were greeted by beautiful butterflies

And made some colorful ones of their own.

This week was fun week to learn through play. It was amazing to watch the butterfly life cycle in our own Kinder “garden”. The kids were amazed. Observing life changing outside in nature helps the students grasp the concept so much better than learning inside the classroom.

Even my at-home students joined in the fun.

I am still struggling to balance between virtual and in class. I feel like I need to do so much more for my kiddos at home but feel limited because of having kiddos in class too. I am still hoping to improve the quality of lessons. Right now it's basically teaching in class, uploading a video, and assigning work at home. My virtual kiddos are missing out on some of the fun stuff because I can’t provide them with the supplies to do it at home. I’m not sure how to make a better connection, maybe I should have supply pickup? I will continue to search for collaborative blogs and social media pages to learn from others in the same situation. This week we will be talking about Families in class. I have some great things planned.

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