Learning sight words through play!

Shaving cream is not only fun and messy, it’s also a great sensory activity to help the brain connect to words.

Sight word building with letter vest! Students learn to recognize and spell their

sight words through movement and collaboration. We also learn to use sign language for each work, this multisensory strategy enhances learning. It increases brain activity making more connections among the brain cells. It utilizes both sides of the brain allowing students more ways to store and retrieve information. #TSCMind

Students could believe their eyes when their sight words magically appeared! I wrote the words with white crayon and then students unveiled their word by coloring over it with a marker.

Dramatic play at its finest! We opened a “sight word Café”. Where wait staff is polite and words are served up with a smile! This was a great way to practice words and social skills at the same time. Students ordered off of the menu and waiters wrote the order and then built the word in the kitchen. Then served the word on a plate using a tray to carry the order. Customers thanked them for the food and then wrote and built their word. This activity was a favorite and they’ve begged to play every day. I opened it up during free time and let Batman and Mabel be our customer.

Who doesn’t like Kinetic sand! It was cheap and easy to make my own. The kids love stamping their sight words!

Rock, paper, scissor, shoot! thanks to Tik Tok teachers, I’ve found a new favorite for my kids. We even got to play against our “at home” friends during a Google Meet! What a fun way to practice.

Word Family Practice

Listen to the sound of kindergarteners working hard

This isn’t sight words but I had to include it because my kids are awesome!

The fun and learning will continue! Stay tuned......

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