Reindeer Week with Kinders

Did you know that both male and female reindeer have antlers? We learned a lot of facts about reindeer. We were amazed at how big male reindeer antlers can grow (53 inches”! My little reindeer did many cute crafts and made cute t-shirts! Even the teachers got cute shirts!

We also got a visit from our classroom Elf! The kids decided to name him Chocolate! I think I must talk about my love of eating chocolate too much😂

We are excited to see what shenanigans he will bring to our class next.

On Friday we put on our reindeer antlers and shirts and enjoyed reindeer games! Every time we heard a bell we had to play a reindeer game! We played “ring around the reindeer “ and “roll and draw reindeer“. A class favorite was “reindeer sight word basketball“. Then we scrambled around to find the “Reindeer Rhymes”. We ended the day with a Reindeer snack and my favorite reindeer movie Annabelle’s wish. It’s such a sweet story and I love seeing their reactions when Annabelle gets her wish.

Stay tuned to see the fun we have next week learning about Holidays around the world!

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